Services – Transforming your business

We offer a number of services to transformation programs and large IT projects to aid with delivery of value to your business.

Our aim is to augment your existing team and delivery method (whether this is in house, outsourced or a mixture of both) with our experience and oversight.

We don’t aim to provide a large number of resources, but a few key individuals who can make small, incremental, important changes in a brief period of time helping you to see benefits within days, not weeks or months.


We don’t believe in large presentations and days out of the office on training courses. We believe that a short period of working with your existing team in a new way, using new methods, will help show the value of our ideas and help you unlock the potential of your existing team. We offer a variety of training engagements encompassing some of our core principles such as basic agile thinking and processes along with introductions to new Technologies and Architectures such as Microserves, docker, iPaas and much more.

Solution Architecture and Design

With all transformations it is likely that the solution which is being implemented is not the same as the old one, usually using new technologies and architectural thinking. In large organisations this can be difficult to achieve, with a number of review panels and architectural forums to negotiate in order to implement something different. We can help with documenting the proposed solution. We have a large amount of experience writing proposal documentation, getting buy in from stakeholders and realising the identified benefits.

Workflow Planning

When setting up your project, planning how the work will arrive, be analysed and and how it will be delivered into a live system is critical. In many large projects there are bottlenecks of these changes, when establishing projects we will try and help you see what the barriers to delivery are early in the process, avoiding common pitfalls.


At any point during delivery it may be important to asses how things are going and how they can be improved. Our experts are available to review the delivery of your project and help make changes that will make sure the project is delivering the benefits as fast and efficiently as possible.